Fill Your Tech Gap Blog LogoLet’s face a real fact about modern urban life…

Digital technologies are not going to disappear and there will be MORE of it coming into our lives. Like it or not, masses of us depend on various types of digital technologies to have a normal life; be it paying for something, getting information from websites, using public transportation, navigating our travels, booking a seat at an event and even deciding on a restaurant to go to, earning our wages at work, getting our money in the bank, paying taxes and bills, getting electricity and water to run through our houses, etc etc…

There seem to be no end to ‘digitizations’, so why not upskill ourselves with digital skills that will enable us to navigate around digital hurdles more easily and perhaps even earn some extra income from it? Even if you are not interested to become a full-fledged IT professional or venture into a digital business, simply equipping yourself with more digital know-how will enable you to be more independent and need not rely on someone “techy” to tackle digital problems for you.

Therefore, by simplifying some popular computing topics into less technical terms, I hope this blog will enable my readers to fill-in with some digital know-how for their own benefit.

Evan Multimedia-Programmer

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