Popular Options on How to Begin Building a Simple Website

First up, this article will not focus on how to hire the right website developer but more on how a non-techy beginner can begin building their own basic website. If you are just starting out in a small home business or perhaps you just need a website to promote your professional self as a Solopreneur to add more spice to your online profiles, then a simple mobile responsive one page scrolling website may be all that you need. Such a website is commonly known as a ‘static website’ and they are considered simple as it usually just contain text, images, a couple of videos perhaps and some basic animations; these are not considered fancy features by today’s Web standards. Here are then some popular options that you may consider when deciding to build such a website.

Free Website Builders

Just do a simple search like ‘Free Website Builder’ will return many options that you can sign-up for free and start building a website by just dragging and dropping elements with a mouse without needing to know any programming. Whilst this option is free, the freebies are usually limited to very basic features and tools, so be prepared to be constantly tempted to upgrade your free plan after you signed up.

After you finish building your DIY website and are eager to show off your work to your family and friends, you should be prepared to receive some criticisms because what you perceived as beautiful in your own eyes may actually turn out to be ‘ugly’ and not on par with the many competing websites out there when you show it off to others.

WordPress Website Templates

WordPress websites are very popular for getting a website live in a short time as you get to choose from a wide range of free and paid template themes that you can install with just a few clicks. This means that you do not really need to design your website except perhaps making some minor changes to the fonts, colors and layout. Best of all, the themes are also usually mobile responsive out of the box, so no extra work is needed on this part.

Just like any software, one will need to put in some time to familiarise with the WordPress administrator system no matter how much you hear from others about how user-friendly the system is. If you are completely new to a web administrator system or have never used a IT system before, be prepared to spend at least a few days or even a couple of weeks watching tutorial videos, reading blog articles and experimenting with the system just to understand the basics of WordPress before you can even begin building anything solid.

Even seasoned web developers who are used to raw coding will need a bit of time to familiarise themselves with the WordPress dashboard and how the system works under the hood, so a complete non-techy newbie will likely need at least a few days to get used to the system.

Once your WordPress website is live and you are used to navigating around the administrator system, you will find that it is actually quite easy to maintain and publish new contents in a WordPress website as long as you do not implement any major changes.

Learn Coding and Build Your Website from Scratch

Back in the early millennium when the Internet was still new to the average person, learning programming would have require a decent knowledge of Mathematics and much perseverance to complete a computing degree, especially for high school leavers who have never learn any computing before. In recent years though with advancement in web technologies, the back end systems of the Internet has become more accessible and easier to understand to the non-techy layman, so pretty much anyone these days with just an average computer literacy may certainly pick up some basic coding skills in a matter of weeks or months.

Self-learning through online courses and enrolling in intensive coding bootcamps are just a couple of popular options to get a head start in website development. There is a vast amount of free online courses out there on the Web which one may even learn a fair amount of coding without needing to pay any tuition fees at all. The coding skills learnt in just a few weeks or months from free courses will of course not suffice to land a well paid tech job but it should be sufficient to start building your own basic website from scratch.

As you get your hands into coding, you will come across terms such as Bootstrap and this is one of the more popular frameworks used by beginners and seasoned website developers to quickly build custom mobile responsive websites. Try searching for ‘free Bootstrap website templates’ or try out my demo one page scrolling website built with a free Bootstrap template.

You may also consider building a simple website with CSS Flexbox, which requires much less code than Bootstrap and this usually leads to faster loading of the homepage. Feel free to also try my demo CSS Flexbox one page website.

Hire a Website Developer

If none of the above options sounds appealing to you, then you may of course just hire someone to do the job for you. One of the most frequently questions asked by clients is of course the price or wages of hiring such a person, which might range from a measly $5 dollars to upwards of $HUGE FIGURES.

The wages that you would need to fork out will of course depend on how complex your website needs to be and the amount of contents that you plan to publish online. Basic contents such as text, images, videos and standard mobile responsiveness are not difficult to implement but more advanced features such as users login, online payment systems, 3D graphics and other features that require raw coding will definitely require a more experienced and skilled tech professional i.e. one who would have most likely had undergone a proper Computer Science education.

Now that you know there are a huge quantity of free website templates out there that can be easily downloaded by all website developers, thus you obviously need to be aware of anyone who quotes you an extravagant rate to build a simple one page scrolling website, commonly known as a ‘static website’.

If you are considering hiring a website developer from one of those popular online job platforms, it is a good idea to take into account the differences in culture, native language and international time zones in addition to that person’s quote and ratings.

Final Words

We have covered in this article a few popular options on how a non-techy beginner can start building a basic website with or without hiring a website developer. I hope this article has been informative to my readers.  

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