Demo Web Survey Form

A web survey form is just one example how you may gather data about your website visitors or customers, in which the collected data may then be used to customise product offerings that would appeal more to your customers. The below survey is just a demo that is NOT active and it cannot be submitted online.


Do you work in a technical IT job?

Which computer devices do you use to view websites?

Between your mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers, how often do you use them to view websites?

Mobile devices (e.g. Android smartphones or tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc)

Desktop and laptop computers (e.g. Windows PC or laptop, iMac, MacBook, Chromebook, etc)

What are the download speeds of your mobile and home internet connections? Tap/click on the slider bars to activate it and then slide the buttons to indicate the speed in Mbps or Gbps.

Mobile Internet Connection Speed


Home Internet Connection Speed


Code Credit: Slider for Bootstrap

You may test your Internet speed with this meter provided by or try another meter at

Which web browsers do you normally use to view websites?

How much do you know about Internet systems?

Demo survey app. Submit button is not active.