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It's Time for a Tranquil Tropical Holiday

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  • Enjoy your holiday in a tranquil natural environment.
  • Many choices of accomodations to suit your holiday.
  • A naturally enclosed lagoon is available for booking.
  • Dine at our restaurants with stunning sunset views.
  • Mesmerizing islands tours with your own tour guide.


Highly Trusted Hotel Services

resort hotel staff handing a holiday brochure to a tourist

Rest assured that your holiday will be served by a team of experienced staff. We recommend allowing a leeway for extension of your stay as you might be hesistant to depart on your planned date after experiencing a truly tranquil holiday at our resorts.

Tranquil and Serene Accommodation

resort hotel room with a view of the ocean

Choose from our range of rooms, chalets and apartments that are specially designed to cater to the requirements of soloists, couples or quiet families. Each type of accommodation is housed in its own separated section to minimise noise disruptions.

Tantalizing Food and Beverage

hearty breakfast at a tropical beach resort

The variety of food and beverage that we serve at our resorts are catered to serene and relaxing holidays. Most of our produce are sourced from local suppliers to ensure that our ingredients are always fresh for our skilled chefs to prepare healthy meals.

Mesmerizing Island-Hopping Tours

drone aerial view of boats on the sea

Explore the many neigbouring islands at our resorts with our local boatman who understands the waters and you will surely leave with a truly authentic experience even if you are not a diver or snorkler. For scuba divers, a variety of dive packages can be arranged with our in-house Divemaster.

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  • Introductory scuba dive lessons.
  • Dining specials at our restaurants.

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