Demo Interactive Web Quiz

Including an interactive quiz on your website is just one example how you can make your website more interesting and engaging for your visitors. The longer visitors remain online on your website is a positive indicator in SEO that will improve your website's organic search engine ranking. Although web quizzes are commonly used in education themed websites but it may also be used as an alternative method to collect data about customers as it looks more inviting than a survey.

Before answering the questions in this demo quiz, try hovering over the various graphics with your mouse cursor to see some animations. You would probably need a computer device with reasonable computing power to get all the animations functioning smoothly.

Select all CSS properties that can create spacing between HTML elements.

correct answers are margin, border and padding

Answer the question and submit.

Can margin-top and margin-bottom be used to create spacing in inline elements?

correct answer is No

Answer the question and submit.

What are the full names of HTML and CSS? Both of your answers must be correct to score points.

correct answers are 'HyperText Markup Language' and 'Cascading Style Sheets'. DO NOT include the opening and closing '' quotes in your answers. Take note too of the lower and upper casing of the letters in order to be marked as correct in this question.

Answer the question and submit.

Tip: Get all answers correct to see an animated effect.