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Please scroll down to view my demo multimedia projects.

Demo Multimedia Projects

About Evan Multimedia-Programmer

Point your mouse cursor on the man or tap on him if you are using a touchscreen device.
silhoutte of walking man
floating superman like figure in cape

I am a Believer in LORD JESUS CHRIST and one of my favourite verses in the Holy Bible is "All you need to say is simply 'Yes' or 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one."(Matthew 5:37 NIV Holy Bible). Just one of the powerful commandments spoken by the LORD that will surely help any Believer grow in faith.

💻A knack for computers have always been with me which I especially took more interest when Web 2.0 began to boom in the early millennium. During those early years of the modern Web, I also ventured into e-Commerce trading and had dabbled in some events photo/video-graphy.

📩You may converse with me in tech and business lingo as I have also worked before in various non-IT business roles. Thus, you may certainly contact me if you need a person to help you bridge the gap between business and computing idealogies.

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