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Man preparing to hike up a steep rocky mountain with wordings 'Learning coding without any computing background is like attempting a steep hike without proper training.'
Transitioning into a technical computing mindset is one of the main challenges of learning coding and it requires proper training to succeed.

Should we have a quick chat about the need to learn coding? Is it all just a hype? Are we really going to have more computers and software than manpower in the future? Well, we can be quite sure that no "Futurists" will be able to tell us with absolute certainty what will happen to the workforce in the future as even some famous tech tycoons had been wrong with some of their predictions in the past.

Consider one thing though, with advancement in technology that had made learning coding much easier and more businesses are relying on Web technologies to run their operations, will coding eventually become a necessary skill in even entry-level office jobs? Well, one thing is for sure, the choices of coding education are now aplenty so anyone with just an average computer literacy can even choose a vast amount of free computing courses to self-study online in their own time. Therefore, besides a regular computer, anyone who desires to pick up coding or upskill their other tech competencies these days really just need commitment to study, some rather repetitive typing of computer commands to hone the skills and a good Internet connection. (you also need to reduce the binge watching of YouTube videos too.)

So, you may send me a message and I will offer some personal coding guidance if you run into any difficulties understanding the materials in any of the coding courses you find online. In the meantime, you may begin your free tech training by going through a very short and simple coding tutorial that I specially designed for non-techy learners who do not possess any programming knowledge.

coding trainer man leaning on a computer monitor with motivational words: 'Online coding training is just simply more effective and fun too when you have a programmer by your side.'

Did you see the video autoplay and stop? Here's the coding tutorial by Go Make Things.

You are welcomed to gain more tech knowledge through my blog too: FILL YOUR TECH GAP, which I specially setup for non-techy people to help them fill in with some know-how about popular computing topics. Among the articles in my blog include a website startup guide that contains some information to help beginners decide on whether they should hire a website developer or build their own website.

Scroll down to view some demo web apps that you can learn to create too with fairly basic coding skills.
different types of desktop and mobile computer devices with instructions: 'Try these demo web apps on different types of computer devices such as desktop computers, smartphones and iPhone, Android tablets and iPad, Windows and Apple laptop computers.'

Demo Projects

When you are learning coding, think about a real life project that you would like to publicise and try to use whatever you coded for your assignments as a base for your ideas. That way, doing your assignments will definitely be much more interesting as you watch your own project gradually comes to life!

About Evan Multimedia-Programmer

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I am a Believer in LORD MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST and one of my favourite verses in the Holy Bible that I believed in is "All you need to say is simply 'Yes' or 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one."(Matthew 5:37 NIV Holy Bible)

💻Career wise before I advanced into web development and programming, I was a business and marketing graduate who had worked quite a number of years in diverse business roles, which include a few years in the tertiary education sector. When Web 2.0 began to boom in the early millennium, I ventured into eCommerce trading and also dabbled with some videography+photography along the way which led me into my current profession as a Multimedia-Programmer.

📩Therefore, you may certainly converse with me in common tech and business lingo or get in touch with me if you need a bridge-person to understand business and computing idealogies.

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