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Transitioning into a technical computing mindset is one of the main challenges of self-learning coding and I am here to help people ease into this transition from a non-technical perspective.

If you are still thinking whether or not CODING is all just a hype, then please read my brief article: 'Learning Web computer languages is easier and more beneficial than learning a foreign language for better job prospects.' and you may come to realise that basic web development coding may soon be a required skill for typical white collar jobs just like how Microsoft Office was once a must-have office skill. This is because usage of the World Wide Web in all aspects of business operations have grown tremendously over the last decade but though there is a vast amount of free computing courses online, those who have never study any technical field before will need to put in some serious effort into understanding the fundamental logic of programming.

If you are unsure of where to begin your free coding education, try browsing through this list of reputable educational websites that offer a variety of free computing courses. If you find it difficult to understand the materials in the courses, I can give you some personal online guidance through Skype or email but if you need me online for you on a committed or real-time basis, then a fair price for my time and training and a good learning attitude is all I ask for.

coding trainer man leaning on a computer monitor with motivational words: 'Online coding training is just simply more effective and fun too when you have a programmer by your side.'

In the meantime, you may start your journey onto more tech-savviness right away by reading my blog: FILL YOUR TECH GAP which I specially setup for non-techy people to help them fill in with a bit of know-how about popular computing topics. Among the articles in my blog include a guide specially written for non-tech founders: Building a New Website for a Startup Business Idea – A consultative guide for non-tech founders.

Please join my online programming club if you are already a programmer. All levels of programming skills are welcomed.

Scroll down to view some demo web apps that you can learn to create too with fairly basic coding skills.
different types of desktop and mobile computer devices with instructions: 'Try these demo web apps on different types of computer devices such as desktop computers, smartphones and iPhone, Android tablets and iPad, Windows and Apple laptop computers.'

Demo Web Apps

Before you begin coding your own websites or web apps, you may certainly think about a project that you would really like to publicise, so with that target in mind, doing your assignments will definitely be much more interesting as you watch your own ideas come alive on screen. All great app ideas begin as a prototype and success is only achieved with progression!

About Evan Multimedia-Programmer

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I am a Believer in LORD MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST and believing more in the words of the Holy Bible have changed my life in many ways, so I do try to adhere to the LORD's teaching = "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. (Matthew 7:12 NIV Holy Bible)". Clients and programming buddies who feel the same way will be especially welcomed.

Before I advanced into web development and programming, I was a business and marketing graduate from British and Australia universities who had worked quite a number of years in diverse business roles. When Web 2.0 began to boom in the early millennium, I ventured into eCommerce trading and also dabbled with videography+photography which led me into my current profession as a Multimedia-Programmer.

Therefore, you may certainly converse with me in common tech and business lingo or get in touch with me if you need a bridge-person to understand business and computing idealogies.

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Click or tap on the email address above to open the default email software on your computer OR message me on Skype. You may also use my email address to invite me to your Slack workspace.