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About Evan Multimedia-Programmer

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I am a Believer in LORD MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST and one of my favourite verses in the Holy Bible that I believed in is "All you need to say is simply 'Yes' or 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one."(Matthew 5:37 NIV Holy Bible)

💻Career wise before I advanced into web development and programming, I was a business and marketing graduate who had worked quite a number of years in diverse business roles, which include a few years in the British and South-East Asia tertiary education industry. A knack for computers have always been with me since my teens but I only took up more formal computing studies when Web 2.0 began to boom in the early millennium, which prompted me to once venture into eCommerce trading through the eBay Australia marketplace and a WordPress website. Having travelled quite a bit around Britain, Europe, Australia and Asia, I have become quite accustomed to international work, thus I am still on the lookout for my next venture.

📩Therefore, you may certainly converse with me in common tech and business lingo or get in touch with me if you need a bridge-person to understand business and computing idealogies.

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